Corruption, including bribery is against the law and against Namo Global´s value:

  • Namo Global are committed to conform to all the requirements of Singapore laws in this field.
  • Namo Global supports any employee who passes up on opportunity or advantage that would compromise our standard.
  • Namo Global shall ensure that our reputation for ethical behavior and fair dealing with supplier, customers, members of the industry and other stakeholder is maintained.
  • Namo Global expect all employees to conduct themselves with high standards of integrity.
  • Namo Global prohibits of giving or receiving any gifts, cash, entertainment or hospitality where the intention is to influence a business decision.
  • Namo Global any employee from asking or suggesting any gifts and/or entertainment of any kind or amount from suppliers or any other person.
  • Namo Global will report any individual gifts or entertainment received having a value exceeding SGD 500.00.
  • Namo Global will enforce this policy with all means and employees at any level will face internal discipline-and possible legal prosecution.

By implementing the above policies, we endorse our commitment to carrying out our business in the most professional manner.


Given the work scope, Namo Global has adopted a code of ethics to guide its board members and staff in their conduct when acting on behalf of Namo Global. The conduct contains broad principles reflecting the types of behavior Namo Global expects towards its clients, suppliers, employees, peer and the public.

This policy is not intended as a stand-alone policy. It does not embody the totality of Namo Global´s ethical standards, nor does it answer every ethical question or issue that might arise. Rather, it is one element of a border effort to create and maintain a quality organization that gives ethical conduct the highest priority. This code will be reviewed periodically.

Board members, committee members and staff should: 

  • Listen to our shareholders and make all reasonable efforts to satisfy their needs and concerns within the scope of our mission, and to strive for excellence and innovation and demonstration professional respect and responsiveness. 
  • Make an effort to understand, respect and support our clients and suppliers from our cultures, exemplified by the contributions of our staffs and executive leadership, and to contribute to an organizational culture that respect the diverse, individual contributions of staff and leadership.
  • Respect the confidentiality of sensitive information about Namo Global, shareholders and employees.
  • Comply with applicable federal local laws, regulations and fiduciary responsibilities in an effort to create transparency in all  of our operations.
  • For the shareholders, provide credible and effective oversight to the organization´s work without personal bias.
  • Not accept commissions, gifts, payments, loans, promises of future benefits or other items of value from anyone who has or may seek some benefit from Namo Global in return, other than occasional gifts f nominal value that are in keeping with good business ethics. 
  • Abide by the governing documents and policies
  • Be accountable for adhering to this Code of Ethic.
  • Act at all times in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in the best interest of Namo Global.
  • Openly and honestly tell the truth.
  • Honor our commitments and promises to the best of our abilities.
  • Appropriately acknowledge contributions from other individuals and organizations who help facilitate our goals.
  • Not be deceptive in our dealings or in prospecting for new clients.
  • Not lobby with the intent to influence individuals. 


As an environmental safety conscious organization, all locations of Namo Global  shall commit to the following.

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Comply with internationally recognized safety standards along with the appropriate work site security policies.
  • Systematically integrate safeguard and security into management and work practices at all levels, so that our company activities are accomplished in a safer and secure manner.
  • Apply practice and control technologies that minimize pollution to an acceptable level.
  • Prevent pollution through reuse, recycling and reduction.
  • Ensure prompt actions are taken to situations endangering employees, customers, the general public and the environment as the result of our activities.
  • Ensure continues improvement in our activities to prevent pollution of air, land and water.  

By implementing the above policies, we endorse our commitment to carry out our business in the most professional manner.


As a quality conscious organization, all locations of Namo Global shall operate to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and quality of service.

These objectives will be implemented and carried out by:

  • Complying to all national/international standards, code and regulatory requirements.
  • Optimizing resources and reducing wastage.
  • Development of our facilities and training of personnel. 
  • Ensuring cost effective jobs, services and delivering it to right first time.

We shall meet our aims by:

  • Understanding and meeting the aspirations of our customers, employers and employees.
  • Working together ti meet these requirements.
  • Investing in the latest technology and equipment.
  • Monitoring and measuring our activities.
  • Continually improving our processes and services.
  • Taking individual responsibility of our action.


  • Namo Global are committed to conform to all the requirement of Singapore law in this field.
  • Namo Global complies with minimum age laws and requirements and does not employ child labor.
  • Namo Global provides a safe and healthy working environment in all offices and workshops.
  • Namo Global takes adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health by minimizing the cause of hazards in the working environment.
  • Namo Global ensures that n workers are exposed in situations inside or outside the workspace that are hazardous, unsafe or unhealthy.
  • Namo Global compensates its workers with wage and benefits that meet or exceed the legally required minimum wages as applicable.
  • Namo Global supports equal opportunity rights, irrespective of age, gender, race, disability, region or belief, language, national or social origin, trade union membership, or any other status recognized by international law.
  • Namo Global prohibits use of drugs at any time, and consumption or being affected of alcohol during working hours.
  • Namo Global supports and follow any national or international regulatory to prevent/reduce/prohibit smoking and the use of tobacco.
  • Namo Global prohibits mental or physical harassment and verbal and physical abuse or the threat of any of foregoing.
  • Namo Global is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate with its employees in any form.

By implementing the above policies, we endorse to our commitment to carry out our business in the most professional manner.


Namo Global has a strong commitment to economic, environmental and socially sustainable development.

  • Namo Global strongly believes that it is the mutual interest of both Namo Global and its suppliers to meet the present and future requirements of the market and society, including demonstrating the responsibility towards the people taking part in the manufacture and delivery of products and services to Namo Global.
  •  Namo Global expects its Suppliers to comply with  below mentioned requirements as a minimum:
    • Namo Global does not accept employing children under the age of 15, children younger than the legal minimum age or children younger than the age of completing compulsory school.
    • Namo Global accepts juveniles (15-18-year-old) to be employed by Supplier, provided the work complies with local laws and  the ILO Minimum Age Convention(no hazardous work, no night shift and more breaks than adult workers)
    • Namo Global expects its Suppliers to respect culture differences, and that no discrimination is practiced based on race, religion, gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation.
    • Namo Global expects its Suppliers to assure that no worker is exposed to any physical punishment, threats of violence or physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or maltreatment in the work place or work-related situations.
    • Namo Global expects its Suppliers to refrain from using forced or involuntary labor in any form being done against ones will or choice.
    • Namo Global expects its Suppliers to ensure a good and safe working condition, fulfilling all local and international requirements, incl. the access to use personal protection equipment if the product or process require so.
    • Namo Global expects its Suppliers to recognize the need for a sound balance between working time and leisure time, and that same is in line with applicable national rules and laws in the field.
    • Namo GLobal expects its Suppliers to meet or exceed any national law for salaries for work and overtime.
    • Namo GLobal expects its Suppliers as a minimum to fulfill any environmental regulations and laws applicable, incl. pollution prevention, handling of hazardous materials and chemicals, air emissions, waste water and solid waste. Recycling and reuse of materials shall be exercised to the maximum extent possible.
    • Namo Global dose not offer or accept any kind of corruption, bribery or undue payment of any kind in conducting our business. Suppliers shall act accordingly.


Within the value chain, the requirements for all the topics below are met simultaneously.

  • Namo Global aims to increase productivity and efficiency and recycling, enabling us to save due to a lower consumption. We aim to decrease our energy signature in the production, while optimizing the logistics of both raw materials and products.
  • Namo GLobal operates in a competitive market that requires us to offer both innovation ans value added solutions for our customers.
  • Namo Global closely follows all related regulations, directives and legislative changes in order to empower our sustainability commitment.
  • Namo Global customer demand us to respect earths balance and human rights.
  • Namo Global sustainability goals and all practices show a commitment to our customers throughout the life cycle of the products.
  • Namo Global environmentally aware customers have their own sustainability goals. Our awareness fuels our strategy by promoting innovative projects, thus enabling environmental and cost advantages to these customers.
  • Different needs of different markets are met we build a regional strategy based on different sustainability challenges. Even though Namo Global works towards a global sustainability strategy, this also acts on a regional level and therefore satisfying the individual market requirements.

Ultimately, we aim to achieve our goals by transforming our commitment into sustainable business practices.